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Pure C8 Thinner (Flavorless Liquidizer)

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Pure C8 Thinner - Flavorless Liquidizer for Wax and Shatter



Ingredients: 99.8% Extra High Purity Caprylic acid isolate (pure C8 derived from MCT oil) 


MCT Oil is a commonly used diluent/carrier across a variety of applications and can serve as a simple-to-use, inexpensive, clean, and pure thinner to easily control oil viscosity. This is just a extra high purity, completely flavorless, and more effective form of it than other other places to buy online. The manufacturer of this MCT oil diluent has precisely refined the materials to contain only Caprylic acid (C8), reporting an impressive 99.8% purity. No long chain fatty acids like other online suppliers. Diluents work best in lower percentages so go easy on the mixing ratios. 10% is generally plenty.

Uses: All-purpose extra thinning agent/wax liquidizer base, carrier liquid, liquifier or for diluting overpowered terpenes, liquéfier, liquidadora wax

For buy one get one free sale, users must add both bottles to cart to receive extra thinner bottle free. All orders for this product still get the basic essentials for a wax liquidizer kit and includes a dropper, blunt-tip syringe, and mixing vial.