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Pure MCT Thinner for those looking to find out how to make your own wax liquidizer ratio instead of a Mass Terp Liquefy blend

Pure C8-Only "Thinner" (Flavorless Liquidizer)

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Ingredients: 99.8% Purity Caprylic acid isolate (pure C8 derived from MCT oil) 


Uses: All-purpose thinning agent/liquidizer base, carrier liquid, diluting overpowered terpenes  


MCT Oil is a commonly used diluent/carrier across a variety of industries and can be used as a generalized easy-to-use, inexpensive, and pure thinner to control viscosity. This is just a higher purity, completely flavorless, and much more effective form of it than other sellers carry online. It has been added to the site as a popular request and affordable price. The manufacturer of this MCT oil diluent has precisely refined the materials to contain only Caprylic acid (C8), reporting an impressive 99.8% purity. No long chain fatty acids like other online suppliers. Diluents work best in lower percentages so go easy on the mixing ratios. 10% is generally plenty.