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Mass Terpenes ships internationally every single day! International shipping only costs $10 and free international shipping for larger orders. We actually absorb part of the shipping costs as we wish to make our products more available to everyone. Orders are shipped in a discreet padded envelope or box, with no external indication of the contents.  All orders (both international and domestic) are bagged multiple times, enclosed inside of an airtight, vacuum-sealed pouch to ensure that no odors ever escape in transit. None of our products contain THC or any controlled substances.

Disclaimer: Mass Terpenes encourages readers to review the local laws regarding the purchase and use of these types of products. Mass Terpenes does not under any circumstances reship or refund international orders.


Mass Terpenes has done business in upwards to 50 countries (and counting!) and we always make sure to include extra free items for our international customers to accommodate for the longer wait time. Please be advised that tracking information is very limited once it leaves the United States so there will be little or no daily updates. Many countries will have a customs fee that must be paid at your local post office in person or else your package will not be delivered to your door. Failure to pay this customs fee will result in the parcel being disposed of or returned to sender.

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Due to the substantially higher costs, if you would like to receive a quote for expedited international shipping, please reach out to us directly at Sales@MassTerpenes.com.