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SERVM - Flavorless Terpenes

No PG, no PEG, no Vitamin E, no VG, no MCT, no Squalene, no fillers.100% pure, flavorless terpenes. Please note: all terpene products should always be used sparingly and although this product reflects a much milder odor, that does not mean under any circumstances that it should be used freely as a "cutting agent." 


Please note: Under no circumstances can any additive be guaranteed as safe and it is sole responsibility of the customer to research proper use of terpenes and flavor additives before purchasing and using any products we supply. Mass Terpenes is a supplier of terpene and related ingredients that are widely used in this industry and although they may be common ingredients, that does not mean they are safe for all uses. At the time of writing, no additives are formally recognized as safe for inhalation purposes so as a company Mass Terpenes is unable to guarantee any products safe for this purpose. While we do feel that terpenes and related products can be used safely, it is essential that customers research and test the safety of their finished product prior to use.