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Terp Liquefy Collection | Extract Liquidizers

Terp Liquefy by Mass Terpenes Liquify Bottle Image

Terp Liquefy Products

by Mass Terpenes

The Terp Liquefy product line has been reduced to SERVM: Flavorless Terpenes to keep things straight-forward and simple for our customers. While wax liquidizers were a common trend for years, this type of product has largely become obsolete as users found that just a small percentage of terpenes can achieve the same result.  For this reason, we have limited this section to SERVM as it makes it easier for users to better control the levels of their blends using just a short list of natural ingredients. SERVM is a blend of natural, flavorless terpenes that can help to control the viscosity of extracts. There really is no need to add a bunch of "thinners" to your oil and more often than not it will do nothing but make it a less safe and impure product. For those looking to add some flavor to their blends, consider incorporating one of our strain-specific terpene blends. Please note, users must always decarboxylate their extracts before or during the process of mixing with SERVM and all terpene products to avoid issues with crystallization.

Please carefully read over the SERVM product listing before proceeding. For users looking to enhance their extracts further, please continue over to the Strain-Specific Terpene collection for flavored terpenes. When using SERVM in conjunction with other terpene blends, it is important to decrease the percentage used for each product so as to not exceed roughly 5% terpenes total.  This amounts to just 2-3 drops total per gram. As always, use of any terpene additives in excess can be very dangerous and use of these products is only advisable to experienced individuals who have researched safe terpene use.