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Terp Liquefy Collection | Extract Liquidizers

Terp Liquefy by Mass Terpenes Liquify Bottle Image

Terp Liquefy

by Mass Terpenes

Terp Liquefy product line is a basic all-in-one, reliable, and flavorful terpene based liquidizer series that helps control the viscosity and flavor of your extracts. 

The Original Terpene Liquidizer: All Mass Terp Liquefy orders come complete with a full liquidizer kit that includes mini droppers, a blunt tip syringe, and a small glass mixing container. Liquefy your extracts with easy, dependable results.

Please note: Under no circumstances can any additive be guaranteed as safe and it is sole responsibility of the customer to research proper use of terpenes and flavor additives before purchasing and using any products we supply. Mass Terpenes is a supplier of terpene and related ingredients that are widely used in this industry and although they may be common ingredients, that does not mean they are safe for all uses. At the time of writing, no additives are formally recognized as safe for inhalation purposes so as a company Mass Terpenes is unable to guarantee any products safe for this purpose. While we do feel that terpenes and related products can deliver great results, it is essential that customers research and test the safety of their finished product prior to use. 



Many have probably noticed that a lot of our Liquefy items have been out-of-stock or only available in select sizes.  As we continue to try and offer a greater variety of strain specific terpene profiles for our customers, it has grown exceedingly difficult to maintain a steady stock of not only our 30+ terpene profiles but also dozens of pre-diluted Liquefy blends. While the Liquefy line has been very popular for over two years now, being such a small business Mass Terpenes is limited in the number of different product SKU's we can realistically maintain at a given time. We do intend on keeping a select variety of our best seller flavored blends and will be adding a Liquefy Variety Pack option for customers looking to try out the full scope.

While the pre-diluted Liquefy blends make it a bit easier in the sense that only one product is needed, customers can very easily replicate this blend on their own by purchasing their preferred terpene profile and incorporating a small percentage of Pure C8 in the event that an additional thinning ingredient is needed. 

What is Terp Liquefy?

Mass Terpenes Terp Liquefy is an all-in-one blend of terpenes, flavor, and medium chains that serves as an easy-to-use, beginner-friendly liquefying solution. It uses a foundation of strain specific or flavorless terpenes to create the ideal oil consistency for your extracts. It's as simple as adding your terps then decarbing your extract. Decarbing is always required for making oils.

Mass Terpenes Terp Liquefy products contain NO PG, no PEG, no VG, no mineral oil, and no Vitamin E.

Liquefy is still very concentrated and it is a good practice to keep the use of any and all additives to a minimum. While we feel that proper use in moderation can be done safely, using any terpene-based products in high amounts as a “cutting agent” or to stretch out your oil can actually be very dangerous. These products still should always be handled with care and applied in the smallest amount possible to obtain the desired consistency but never as a filler. Just 10-15% by weight is generally preferred. Do not use in excess to dilute or "cut" your oil as any terpene product when used in high concentrations can actually become very dangerous.

 Do I Need To Use a Thinner/Liquifier/Liquidizer?

No, additives like this are by no means necessary to make a high quality, smooth flowing oil. The only reason we offer this line of liquefying products like Liquefy and SERVM is to provide commonly used ingredients for controlling oil viscosity. If you use a properly refined concentrate that has been dewaxed/winterized, there is no need to use any type of thinning agent. It can help prevent minor clogging issues as well as help maintain the oil's clarity throughout it's use, but you do not need a liquefying product to get good results and it is best not to add unneeded chemicals. Please note that from a safety standpoint, it is best to use no additives at all and instead focus on choosing professionally refined concentrates that perform properly on their own.

What is the difference between the Liquefy version and your regular terpenes blends?

This is a very frequently asked question and one that has led to a lot of confusion for unfamiliar customers and is also a part of why we have been pushing to phase out liquefying blends. Simply put, Liquefy products are pre-diluted and less overpowering. This is helpful for some users as it can actually be very dangerous for people to overuse any terpene products. It also helps to have an all-in-one blend as opposed to buying a flavorless thinning agent as well as terpenes and have to add them individually. However, we strongly recommend customers just purchase a basic thinning agent like Pure C8 and use that as a base at say 10-15% then just adding a couple drops per gram of one of our regular terpene blends. This is a much better way to do it because it allows you to customize both the strength of the flavor and oil separately. For example, one person may need to use a little more thinner for a waxier extract but they do not want a completely overpowering flavor. By using a flavorless base separate, you will have better control over your preferences on intensity, viscosity, etc. 

Pure C8 is the most affordable and user-friendly base ingredient. Liquefy Flavorless is a bit stronger which will allow you to use less. Lastly, SERVM is composed of 100% flavorless terps making it a much stronger option but please note that using any terpene as a diluent poses much greater health risks. We suggest only using this product for people who are prepared to count drop-by-drop because being more concentrated it will also be much more dangerous if used improperly or in excess. Deciding which of these options is best for you would depend on what type of extracts you have on hand as well as your experience level. Ideally you want to always add as little of any additive as possible to your oil to keep it as clean and pure as possible so it is important to remember to use all items sparingly. 

The main benefit with Liquefy branded products is it is easier to get predictable results and measure accurately as they are prediluted with C8 MCT, unlike the extremely powerful distillate terpenes that are traditionally applied as low as 3-5% and can ruin your oil by adding even a drop or two too many. There will always be some degree of trial and error when dialing in any percentages but the benefit to Liquefy is that it helps ensure easily replicated results. As a reminder, customers should use all terpene products within six months of purchasing to avoid degradation of materials. Please see each individual product pages below for our Terp Liquefy reviews.

Instructions for Mass Terpenes Terp Liquefy Products:

1. Measure 0.1-0.2ML Liquefy for each gram of your preferred extract. This can be done using the blunt-tip syringe provided or by counting roughly 5 droplets with the included dropper tool. Do not ever use in excess to "cut" or further dilute your oil. 
2. Combine your Liquefy and your extract into the free mixing vial provided before heating.
3. Bake in oven (uncapped) for a full 30 minutes at no less than 220F. This is necessary to decarb. Stirring is rarely necessary for this process.
4. When done, safely remove glassware from oven and transfer finished oil while still warm.