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Bulk Terpenes - Liter Deal - Wholesale Terpenes (8 Strain Variety)

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 Bulk Deal - Split Liter Special

Select 8 Profiles using the checkboxes.  For those looking for terpenes in bulk pricing for smaller volumes between 4 and 16 ounces, please see the Terpene Ounce Variety Special listing. For those looking to get the lowest rate and most variety, please see our Bulk Terpenes Gallon Deal.


All wholesale terpenes are subject to the following:


  • Order may be split into 2 or more parcels for more secure shipping.
  • Must select 8 different strains before adding this item to your cart.
  • Please allow 2-3 days additional processing time. We do not offer express shipping on bulk terpenes so please plan accordingly. 
  • Each of the 8 strains will be evenly to include 125ML of each of the selected strains (1 liter of terpenes total).



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