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Member Berries strain terpenes by Mass Terpenes

Member Berry Strain Terpenes

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Member Berry Strain Profile:

This terpene profile was released quietly as it uses a unique formulation of terpene isomers that can be difficult to keep in stock. The Memberberry strain has gained a tremendous amount of popularity in the industry-- and for good reason. Memberberry was created by one of the top seed breeders, Ethos Genetics and we wanted to pay tribute to this classic skunkberry strain as it is one that everyone would enjoy.

While this profile is surely a difficult one to recreate, it goes unsaid that it brings together some really outstanding genetics and high contrast terpenes ranging everywhere from sweet fruity berry to subtle cheesy funk.

This profile contains some less common terpenes like Ocimene (from Afghani IBL) and is one of the few profiles that contain notably high levels of this terpene. More specifically, this profile uses a rare variety of isomers to create a truly unique aroma. Member Berry is also fairly high in Humulene, Nerolidol, Fenchol and Caryophyllene like other Blueberry terpenes. There is also a bit of oranges brought together by the Limonene and subtle traces of Sabinene and Valencene. The more sedative terpenes Myrcene and Linalool occur in small quantities although their aromas are not strongly noted.


Aroma: skunkberry, sweet tart, citrus




Disclaimer: Products containing common terpenes like limonene, myrcene, as well as many other components are extremely hazardous if directly ingested or handled without proper protective equipment. Terpenes are highly flammable and should only be used in heavily diluted preparations.

Safety Data Sheet (Terpene Blend
Terpene Warning
Warning: Terpenes can be potentially dangerous in their undiluted form. Intended for use in aromatherapy applications. Flammable liquid and vapor. Terpenes oil can be toxic if swallowed. Terpenes can cause skin irritation. Terpenes can cause an allergic reaction. Causes serious eye irritation. If swallowed or if exposed to eyes, immediately call poison control center or physician. Keep out of reach of children.

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