LIQUEFY Products

What makes Liquefy different than the terpene blends is the composition of terpenes and the presence of a carrier oil like Pure C8 triglycerides to make it less harsh and volatile. This can be helpful for those still working on figuring out their ratios. With that said, it is still extremely concentrated and intended to keep the use of additives to a minimum. It should always be used in the smallest amount possible to obtain the desired consistency, with roughly 25% being a common area. The main benefit here is Liquefy makes it easier to get predictable results and measure accurately than the extremely powerful terpene blends that are traditionally applied as low as 1-5%. There will always be some degree of trial and error when dialing in any percentages but the benefit to Liquefy is that it helps ensure easily replicated results.


A step up from this, SERVM, uses 100% flavorless terpenes to serve as an even stronger version of this and works with all of the more difficult to handle extracts. The terpenes in SERVM make it over twice as concentrated as Liquefy making it the most pure solution for any and all extract types.


Liquefy contains:

  • No Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)
  • No PG/VG
  • No Mineral Oil 
  • No Vitamin E acetate