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Mass Terp Liquefy


The Original Terpene Liquidizer: All Mass Terp Liquefy orders come complete with a full liquidizer kit that includes mini droppers, a blunt tip syringe, and a small glass mixing container. Liquefy your extracts with easy, dependable results.

Terp liquefy reviews - wax liquidizer kit photo

What makes Liquefy different than the highly concentrated strain specific terpenes starts with the addition of Pure C8 triglycerides and some tweaks in the terpene composition. This makes it a bit less harsh and easier to dial in mixing ratios and is especially useful for new users. Additives like MCT are not always needed but can be helpful for those still working on figuring out their ratios. Liquifiers, liquidizers, and diluents should be used in moderation. The Mass Terp Liquefy is more of an "all-in-one" terpene liquidizer line designed for consistent results.  

No PG, no PEG, no VG, no mineral oil, and no Vitamin E.

Liquefy is still very concentrated and it is a good practice to keep the use of any and all additives to a minimum These products still should always be handled with care and applied in the smallest amount possible to obtain the desired consistency. Just 25% by weight is generally preferred. The main benefit here is Liquefy makes it easier to get predictable results and measure accurately, unlike the extremely powerful distillate terpenes online that are traditionally applied as low as 3-5% and can be ruined by adding even a drop or two too many. There will always be some degree of trial and error when dialing in any percentages but the benefit to Liquefy is that it helps ensure easily replicated results. Please see each individual product page for our Terp Liquefy reviews.

As with all terpenes and terpenoids, thoroughly decarb your extract and stir in your ingredients while warm and to always use sparingly. Check out Reddit for Mass Terpenes Terp Liquefy reviews and other terpene products. Mass Terp Liquefy can be purchased using Amazon Pay with international shipping to Canada, UK, Mexico, as well as all of Europe and Central/South America for just $10.

Note: A step up from the original Mass Terp Liquefy line, SERVM, uses 100% flavorless terpenes to serve as an even stronger 100% terpene liquifier and works better with rosin and other more difficult concentrate types.


Instructions for Mass Terpenes Terp Liquefy Products:

1. Measure up to 0.3ML, or roughly 0.25 grams of Liquefy for each gram of your preferred extract. This can be done using the blunt-tip syringe provided or by counting roughly 10-15 droplets with the included dropper tool.
2. Combine your Liquefy and your extract into the free mixing vial provided before heating.
3. Bake in oven (uncapped) for a full 30 minutes at no less than 220F. This is necessary to decarb. Stirring is rarely necessary for this process.
4. When done, safely remove glassware from oven and transfer finished oil while still warm.