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28ML “Pick Your Own” 7-Pack - Pick 7 Kinds of Terpenes, 4ML Each

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Build Your Own Ounce Promo - Pick Your Own 7-Pack:

We have always been a huge advocate for the variety packs, especially for first time customers. This is the best way to get to sample a wide variety of our offerings for an unbeatable price.  We strive to offer as much variety as possible for our customers and this is the best way to get to take advantage of that. Please note: this item is already discounted in full and it not eligible for any other discounts or promotion. We include droppers, 1 blunt-tip syringe, and 1 small glass mixing vial with every order but if you need additional mixing supplies, please see our accessories section.


Here's How It Works - Pick 7 Strains, Get 4ML of Each:

Using the list of terpenes above, select 7 different profiles that you are interested in trying. Until you have picked out seven on the checklist, it will not allow you to add the item to your cart. You will receive 4ML of each option you select, total of 28ML.

Note: A  4ML bottle is roughly the same size as a AAA battery. This small 4ML bottle is enough for several ounces of concentrates. Generally speaking, 5% terpenes by weight has long been considered the industry standard. That is just a couple drops per gram. So remember, a little goes a long way and always thoroughly research proper terpene use prior to proceeding. Use of any terpene products in excess can be dangerous! A dropper, mixing vial, and blunt tip syringe are included with every order.


Follow the links below to learn more about the strains listed in a new tab

List of Terpene Profiles:

Slurricane (New)
Runtz (Low Stock)

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