blunt tip syringe for adding terpenes to distillate

1ML Terpene Measuring Syringe with Blunt Tip Needle

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Blunt Tip Syringe for Terpenes

  • 1 ML capacity
  • Includes blunt tip needle (no sharp tip)
  • Low gauge tip makes thicker fluids easy to transfer
  • No silicone lubricant
  • No rubber plunger
  • 100% Polypropylene (Chemically Resistant)


Most syringes have a rubber plunger with a silicone lubricant that can react with essential oils (terpenes) and leach contaminants into your sample These syringes are unique in design as they have no rubber or silicone lubricant on the plunger and are made completely of a chemically resistant polypropylene material.


Disclaimer: Not for injection*