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d-Limonene Terpene Isolate

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d-Limonene is naturally derived from citrus. It exists in nearly all strains in some capacity and contributes a vibrant grapefruit or lemony smell. Limonene is one of the more volatile terpene isolates and evaporates very quickly. High purity Limonene is very inexpensive as it is produced naturally during the production of orange juice and other citrus products. Limonene can be used to enhance citrus or fruity aspects of strain-specific terpenes or it can be used for a variety of isolated applications. Our d-Limonene terpene isolates are sourced from a domestic food grade supplier. 

Limonene also makes for an outstanding natural cleaning solvent. It has an incredible ability to dissolve sticky resins to clean glassware with ease. Rinse thoroughly with warm water after and allow the piece to air dry before resuming use.