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Pure C8/C10 Triglycerides (Thinner)

Pure MCT Pyur Thinner


Many are familiar with MCT oil, or "Medium Chain Triglycerides." MCT's have been used for years to thin out oils and preserve flavor ingredients across a wide range of applications. MCT's are fatty acids with 6-12 carbon atoms and the main ingredients are often abbreviated as C6, C8, C10, and C12. Higher quality MCT oils have been refined to only contain C8 and C10, also known as caprylic and capric acid respectively. As a carrier, we stick with a blend of predominantly C8 (capyrilic acid) with a lesser percentage of C10. MCT oil can be useful to have on hand when an oil is coming out too thick as it can be harmful to use high percentages of terpenes. It is not usually necessary but it is an easy and dependable way to control the viscosity of your extracts so the oil flows better. It's also the most affordable option with a single $5-$10 bottle typically being enough for several months.