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  About Our Strain Specific Terpenes and Terpene Flavors:

All strain specific terpene profiles featured here are highly concentrated terpene products composed of roughly 30-50 isolates per strain with very strong flavors. Mass Terpenes ships worldwide for just $10 and has served happy customers all over Europe including the UK, France, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and more as well as South America, Mexico, and Canada. All orders are shipped quickly and discreetly with airtight, smell-proof packaging. No products on contain any THC, CBD, or controlled substances.

 Terpene Mixing:

Remember, liquid terpenes should always be handled with caution. Terpenes can be potentially harmful so it is the responsibility of the customer to consult the safety of their finished product/application. When adding terpenes to distillates they need to be heavily diluted, with the common industry standard suggesting concentrations of 5% or less. 5% translates to adding just 2-3 droplets of terpenes per 1 gram of extract. For consumer transparency, please understand that the acute and chronic use of terpenes and other additives in the context of inhalation is not fully understood and cannot under any circumstances be guaranteed as safe. Improper use of any terpenes/additives can result in health risks so it is strongly advised that customers do their own individual research before using and always apply all additives sparingly.  For customers seeking a more simplified and less concentrated all-purpose liquidizer product, please see the Terp Liquefy product series for more information.

El uso inadecuado de los terpenos puede ocasionar riesgos para la salud. 
Une mauvaise utilisation des terpènes peut entraîner des risques pour la santé.