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Terpene Flavor kit
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*Special* Weekly Mixer 4-Pack Sale - 4x4ML Variety

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Weekly Mixer 4-Pack 

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Contains 4 different 4ML bottles. Selected 4 profiles will change periodically so check back in for new mixed pack deals. The 4 Profiles featured on each available option pack are selected to all have very different terpene compositions from one another to ensure a diverse selection of terpenes for a great price.

Click strain profile links to open new tab with more info. Please Note:  No Substitutions will be considered for customers purchasing this item listing. If you are looking to customize your selections, please consider our "Pick Your Own" 7-Pack Product Listing.

OPTION 1: Mass Terpenes Original Variety Pack


4ML Grape God

4ML Runtz

4ML Strawberry Cough

4ML Key Lime Pie

OPTION 2: Top Pick - Variety


4ML Orange Creamsicle

4ML Lemon Cookie Pebbles

4ML Acai Gelato

4ML Stardawg Guava



OPTION 3: Dessert Strain 4-Pack

4ML Rainbow Sherbet

4ML Red Velvet Cake (New)

4ML Pineapple Upside Down Cake

4ML Key Lime Pie



OPTION 4: Candy Terp 4-Pack:

4ML Zour Patch

4ML Watermelon

4ML Slurricane

4ML Zkittlez


OPTION 5: Staff Pick Starter Pack

4ML Cereal Milk

4ML Guava Stardawg

4ML Berry White

4ML Purple Punch


OPTION 6: Tropics

4ML Pineapple Upside Down Cake

4ML Papaya

4ML Banana Punch

4ML Green Crack


OPTION 7: Mixed Berry Pack:

4ML Blueberry Kush

4ML Member Berry

4ML Blueberry Jam

4ML Strawberry Cough



Apple Fritters strain Warning

Warning: Terpenes can be potentially dangerous in their undiluted form. Intended for use in aromatherapy applications. Flammable liquid and vapor. Terpenes can be toxic if swallowed. Terpenes can cause skin irritation. Terpenes can cause an allergic reaction. Causes serious eye irritation. If swallowed or if exposed to eyes, immediately call poison control center or physician. Keep out of reach of children.

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