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Terpene samples pack

16ML Strain Sampler Terpene 4-Pack

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"Pick Your Own” 4-Pack

Select 4 different flavor profiles, receive a 4ML bottle of each terpene strain. Contains a total of  over 16ML (about $4//ML).You must select 4 different terpene profiles from list of terpenes before adding to cart.

Note: 1 single milliliter of terpenes is typically enough for a half ounce of extract. A little goes a long way. Please research proper terpene use before purchasing.

5% total terpenes is a common industry standard for mixing terpenes  Our terpenes are not diluted like many competitors and being so highly concentrated we urge that users just start with 1-2 drops per gram using the provided droppers. Note: 5% terpenes translates to about 2 drops per 1 gram of extract. Thats it. Use of any terpene products in excess can be dangerous. A dropper, mixing vial, and blunt tip syringe are included with every order for this item.


Follow the links below to learn more about the strains listed in a new tab


List of Terpene Profiles:

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