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Control Viscosity Without Masking the True Flavor | Flavorless Terpenes by Mass Terpenes

SERVM | Flavorless Terpenes - 100% Terps

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 SERVM: Flavorless Terpene Base

Servm-flavorless terpenes (odorless terpene)

SERVM is a flavorless terpene blend of virtually odorless terpenes designed to control the viscosity of your extracts using only terpenes. 

Contains no PG, no MCT, no PEG, no Vitamin E, no VG, no squalene, and no mineral oil.

Just 100% terps. As with all terpene products, overuse can be very dangerous so keep keep the total terpene additions to just a couple drops. SERVM uses relatively odorless terpenes and terpenoids that work to control viscosity and smooth consistency. In light of health concerns surrounding other widely used additives, Mass Terpenes has moved in favor of the naturally occurring alpha-Bisabolol as the primary ingredient for this blend. When properly isolated, Bisabolol and other bisabolenes are an almost completely flavorless plant based terpene. Bisabolenes are classified as sesquiterpenes and are found in chamomille essential oil. These terpenes exhibit little-to-no discernible flavor in your finished product when used appropriately. This should not be used in excess under any circumstances.  Terpene diluents should never be used to "cut" or stretch the volume of your oil. It can take some trial and error to master terpene blending so it is strongly encouraged that all customers do their own individual research before using any terpene-related products. Exceeding a concentration of 5-10% of pure terpenes heightens health risks.  Terpenes are highly concentrated chemicals and it is essential that customers understand that the greater the percentage of terpene additives the greater the health risks associated. For this reason, it is best to first select extracts that have been properly refined in such a way that minimal (if any) additives will be needed. 

Aren't All Terpenes Flavored?

While the terpenes in SERVM are not actually 100% flavorless, the amount needed to control viscosity is so small that these relatively odorless terpenes do not compromise the true flavor of the finished product. This product is a much more concentrated alternative to medium chain triglyceride-based blends like Liquefy or Pure C8 and should be used sparingly for this reason and reserved to experienced users. SERVM is ideal for individuals looking to truly minimize additives to ensure the highest purity finished product. This let’s you avoid diluting or cutting your oil. 5% is generally plenty when it comes to pure terpene products. While many users report using higher percentages, please be mindful of the fact that the greater the percentage of terpenes and other additives means the higher the risk. This should never be used as a “thinning” or “cutting” agent and should always be used sparingly by experienced users.

Please note: Under no circumstances can any additive be guaranteed as safe and it is sole responsibility of the customer to research proper use of terpenes and flavor additives before purchasing and using any products we supply. Mass Terpenes is a supplier of terpene and related ingredients that are widely used in this industry and although they may be common ingredients, that does not mean they are safe for all uses. At the time of writing, no additives are formally recognized as safe for inhalation purposes so as a company Mass Terpenes is unable to guarantee any products safe for this purpose. While we do feel that terpenes and related products can be used safely in the right applications, it is essential that customers research and test the safety of their finished product prior to use. 



Ingredients: Terpenes (alpha-Bisabolol, beta-Bisabolene , and Farnesol with trace quantities of Nerolidol, beta-Caryophyllene and Caryophyllene Oxide)
FDA Disclaimer:
The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from healthcare practitioners. Please consult your healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product.

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