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Jungle Juice strain by Mass Terpenes
Jungle Juice Terpenes

Jungle Juice Terpenes

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Jungle Juice Strain Profile:

 Larger Bottles Restock in December

This is one of my personal favorites as it really spares no expense on the composition. The Jungle Juice strain is a hybrid of Animal Cookies and Tangie has the subtlety of an earthy, doughy aroma of the cookies lineage that is strongly overcome with the juicy citrus from the Tangie to pack a tremendously flavorful punch. Our Jungle Juice strain specific terpene profile is absolutely loaded in a unique composition of HDT's that is accentuated with some of the most costly terpene isolates that the plant produces (which is why the price is a bit higher and the sizes are going to be limited). The extremely high percentage of Valencene compliments the bit of gassy funk and is all smoothed out by unique notes of Cedrol, Germacrene, and Caryophyllene. While we have carried the predecessor Tangie terpenes for years, it's always felt a little one-dimensional and this terpene profile really builds off of it to be a totally different and much more complex aroma. Jungle Juice evens out a lot of the "sharpness" of the Tangie aroma to make it a much more juicy, funky, and flavorful profile.  


Jungle Juice Terpene Profile:

30+ Additional Isolates










Disclaimer: Products containing common terpenes like limonene, myrcene, as well as many other components are extremely hazardous if directly ingested or handled without proper protective equipment. Terpenes and oil soluble flavoring are flammable and should only be used in heavily diluted preparations.


Prop 65 Warning (California) - Contains BETA-MYRCENE


Safety Data Sheet (Terpene Blend)


Jungle Juice strain Disclaimer


Warning: Terpenes can be potentially dangerous in their undiluted form. Intended for use in aromatherapy applications. Flammable liquid and vapor. Terpenes can be toxic if swallowed. Terpenes can cause skin irritation. Terpenes can cause an allergic reaction. Causes serious eye irritation. If swallowed or if exposed to eyes, immediately call poison control center or physician. Keep out of reach of children.