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16ML Strain Sampler Terpene Pack (BOGO)

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Select 4 different flavor profiles, receive a 4ML bottle of each terpene strain. Contains a total of  over 16ML. Must select 4 terp profiles from list of terpenes. You may add this item to your cart then select an additional 4 profiles to take advantage of the current BOGO Sale. Just select all 4 profiles that you are interested in using the checkboxes.

1 single milliliter of terpenes is typically enough for a half ounce of extract. A little goes a long way. Use sparingly.

* We have recently switched from using 5ML bottles to 4ML bottles. Most vials in our inventory are still 5ML so customers may receive slightly larger bottles for certain strain profiles. This includes the clear blue 5ML vials that our returning customers are familiar with seeing for the last 2 years. Please understand that bottle styles will vary during this time.  We will never give someone a smaller size than they paid for, only upgrade them to a bigger one.

All orders for this pack will contain 16ML at a minimum, while most will be a total of closer to 20ML. Thank you! 

1 dropper, mixing vial, and blunt tip syringe are included with every order.


Follow the links below to learn more about the strains listed in a new tab


List of Terpenes:

Fruity Pebbles (Top Pick)
Lemon Pound Cake (Top Pick)

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